Deposit AND screening are mandatory and non-negotiable. Your information will be kept completely confidential and not shared with anyone. I provide multiple options, so please read until the end of this page. You must use one of the methods listed below. I will not accept alternate methods you suggest. Please understand this is how I keep myself safe as a petite woman entertaining men. If that isn’t acceptable to you, please find another provider.

Our time together will be much more fun because I feel safe!


Step 1 – Phone Number

If you are communicating with Jennifer via text message from your actual phone number (not a text app) – Amazing! This step is already completed!

If you reached out via email or text message from a text app (my awesome assistant Jennifer can tell 😉), I’ll need you to send a text from your actual phone number (not a text app) to 647-897-2479. Jennifer will not reply and can delete the text immediately, and you can continue to communicate by email/text app if it is your preference. It is just needed for screening purposes.


Step 2 – Who are you?

If you are doing e-transfer, that is sufficient for screening. – Please proceed to Step 3!

If you are doing gift certificate or Wishtender for your deposit, I’ll need ONE of the following for screening: 

•  ID in 2 pictures: Picture #1: a picture of your ID so that your face, name and DOB are visible/legible; Picture #2: a picture of you holding up your ID next to your face, also with a sign next to your face with the word “pink” on it. This can be done in 1 picture or 2, depending on how dexterous you are 😉

•  a reference from a SP seen within the last 6 months – this may not work for same day appointments due to time constraints. Please ensure you have informed the other SP that you will be using them as a reference prior.

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS – please note that the above ID submission is a requirement for you.


Step 3 – Deposit

Deposit can be done by e-transfer (preferred), gift certificate or Wishtender.

E-transfer (preferred, Canada only)

E-transfers should be sent to: ERWoodConsulting@gmail dot com

Security question should be: “What’s Cherry’s favourite colour?”
Password: “Hotpink”.

⭐️DO NOT put anything in the comment/message section please⭐️

Wishtender, gift certificate, Bitcoin

Wishtender (preferred secondary method) ~ CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE ~ choose the “Initial Tip” that correlates with your deposit amount. You will need to also add 4% for their processing fee. Do not put anything in the comment/message section please.

Gift Certificates ~ Gift certificates can be sent to ERWoodConsulting@gmail dot com. Here’s a list of what gift certificates are acceptable for deposits:


To summarize, the deposit and screening process has 3 parts, I have multiple methods to provide the necessary information. Details for all were listed above, but feel free to ask if something is unclear.

  1. Text from your actual phone number (not a text app)
  2. Deposit – etransfer, Wishtender, gift certificate
  3. Some proof of your legal name OR a reference from another SP within the last 6 months

Thank you so much for helping to keep me safe!